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PeckShield Warns of Counterfeit LUNA Airdrops on the Internet

Anna Martynova

PeckShield, a blockchain security and data analytics company, has identified scammers sending Wrapped LUNA 2.0 tokens to top Ethereum addresses. They imitate the reissue of LUNA, which will take place today on May 27th. According to PeckShield's warning, Vitalik Buterin, Andreesen Horowitz, Three Arrows Capital, and Justin Sun were among the recipients of the new fake tokens.

On Thursday, May 26, the tokens were sent to the Terra Deployer wallet from an anonymous address. Then the tokens were given to well-known members of the crypto community in order to create the illusion of the official airdrop of Terra. The current Terra plan includes a fork of the Terra blockchain and the issuance of a new LUNA token. The old LUNA will be renamed to LUNC.

The new LUNA will be distributed among LUNA and UST holders based on a network snapshot. Users whose assets are stored on the address of the Binance or Huobi crypto exchange will also receive compensation. Neither Terraform Labs nor LUNA Foundation Guard are included in the token distribution list.

Image: CryptoPumpNews

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