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Paxful To Establish 100 schools In Africa As Part Of The “BuiltWithBitcoin” Initiative

Ray YUSSEF, CEO at Paxful, plans to build 100 schools in Africa. The initiative of the company resulted in two schools which have already been established in Rwanda; the third one is in the project development stage. The establishment of schools on the platform is a part of the #BuiltWithBitcoin movement.

Ray YUSSEF hopes that Paxful school building initiatives would serve to educate and grow a new generation of young leaders in Africa. In an interview with the Bitcoinist, he said:

“We are working to scale up the process to where we can build several schools at once in different countries at an even higher standard of education. The final goal is a school for gifted children surpassing the education given at top private schools. We believe this is the greatest boost to the emerging worlds possible, to invest in their young leaders. We are working to bring in bigger partners, and that means even more transparency on all levels.”

Two schools are located in the village of Kasebigege in Rwanda. This village is still in the process of restoration since the genocide which happened between April and July 1994. One school is a kindergarten with several classrooms, toilet rooms, an irrigation system, and a water system. Also, the school has a sustainable farm that provides the village. Another institution is a primary school with several classrooms, a cafeteria, toilet rooms, solar panels and a water system of 35,000 liters.

According to the preliminary information received, a third school can be built in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya or Uganda; currently, it is being discussed.

Image courtesy of World Economic Forum

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