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OpenSea Will Add Tezos-based NFTs

Anna Martynova

OpenSea, the largest monthly volume platform in the NFT industry, is about to add Tezos-based NFTs to its ecosystem. Previously, it only supported Ethereum-based NFTs. NFTs issued on Tezos can be stored, viewed and traded on OpenSea.

It is currently possible to release NFTs on the Tezos-based OpenMinter platform. Another option to release NFT on Tezos is to use Hicetnunc. The third variant, called Kalamint, will be launched on February 18th. BenderLabs plans to launch a so-called bridge very soon that will allow Ethereum NFT to be transferred to Tezos.

Tezos' transaction fees are, on average, more than 3,000 times cheaper than on Ethereum. Thus, releasing NFTs on Tezos is a great step for anyone looking to release quality NFTs at an affordable price. Tezos also has fast transactions and high TPS (~ 121), and Tezos' carbon footprint is much lower than Ethereum.

Image: Medium

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