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OpenBazaar 2.0 on the way

The development team of OpenBazaar market has announced the release of the second version of this trade platform. The update is currently available only in beta version. Before this happened, it, quite obviously, was in the alpha stage. During the latter test phase, only placeholders or non-existent goods placed just for testing of the trade mechanics, were on this market. Now the merchants can trade with real goods and services and gain real bitcoins, developers note in their announcement.

This is still not the final version and it can contain some bugs and glitches that lead to unstable trade. The development team is well aware of this fact and warns anyone who would like to try out the beta about this. One of the most notable problems is incorrect fee estimation.

New features in the second version of OpenBazaar include: improved vendor tools, upgraded search engine, offline stores and the option to use Tor, the famous anonymization protocol even some powerful law enforcement agencies could not hack.

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