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Not December: CME Group calls its previous BTC futures release date announcement an error

Looks like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange wants to delay the date of release of its one of the most-discussed innovative projects — a platform that will allow to use futures for Bitcoin. The possible reason of their decision to remove the announcement with the release date is that they do not want to launch a raw and insecure product. While it’s absolutely incomparable in terms of actors’ wealth and level of influence, the Bitcoin Gold team has made such a mistake and since then, people often mention the rawness of this currency quite often. CME seems to be more careful.

However, their decision to simply remove the old announcement with the December release date seems somewhat immature. Couldn’t they just update it with the new date and provide some delay reasons? Instead, according to Reuters citing the company’s spokeswoman, the original posting “was due to an error with the website”. Let us all just believe it was the website itself who wrote the date and that whole announcement, then, as no alternative explanations have been provided from any other company members. But if this is actually the case, CME really has to patent an artificial intelligence technology they apparently created by accident.

While CME postpones the date of the launch of Bitcoin futures, some rivals might potentially connect the fiat and the cryptocurrency market faster: Swiss companies already demonstrated their interest in developing BTC futures trading environments and Cboe Global Markets, too, wants to build bridges between the traditional market and the cryptocurrency market.

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