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No Xmas Miracle: Bitcoin Goes Less Than $ 4,000 Again

Denis Goncharenko

On Monday, 24 December, the crypto community people held their breath with hope for the return of the bull market and a possible rally — as we all remember, it has already happened in the past year, and the memory of that still remains.

Unfortunately, the “bull run” didn’t last long: the Christmas Day is disappointing everyone with the sharp price decline. TOP 100 is in a red zone again, with just 4 cryptocurrencies going up. Bitcoin fell below the level of $4,000 again, at 11:00 A.M. (UTC time), its price is $3,804. The prices of XRP and Ethereum are $0,379 and $128,17 respectively.

29-11-2018 14:17:00  |   News
The biggest dip of the top-trading cryptocurrencies is presented by Bitcoin Cash — just recently it seemed to start to the moon, trading above the levels of $230. Today it falls back for more than 20%, its price tumbles to $164,07, breaking the support levels of $200 and $175. The analysts claim the price may test the $120 support as well, and that doesn’t sound good for BCH investors.

The total market daily trade volume stays at the level of $23,3B. The Christmas Day put some traders away for the celebration and didn’t bring much positivity to the crypto market in general.

Image courtesy of Blokt.com

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