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NASCIO conference held in Texas, blockchain in cybersecurity was one of the main issues

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) has lately held a conference in Texas. GovTech reports that many of the delegates were interested in blockchain, especially in the wake of the recent Equifax disaster (when personal data of thousands of Americans leaked) and cybersecurity (as some reports suggested, foreign hackers tried to influence the electronic vote system during the past presidential election).

Teri Takai, director of the Center for Digital Government and former CIO himself, and other members of this podcast pointed out that the whole conference was a “reality check” and all about practical appliances of the blockchain for cybersecurity. Another interesting aspect about information officers in America is that state CIOs are struggling with getting attention on the policy level, and the coming reform will bring them closer to state governors, this will make state governors more informed about technology, including the blockchain.

The readers who do not live in the United States are probably wondering how is this news connected to their lives. In the long term, having more voices and bringing the American states’ communities together will be helpful for cybersecurity in America, and to the world it means that with this small reform, the United States will improve state blockchain faster, serving as a locomotive for other countries, first, probably, Canada and Mexico, and then beyond the Atlantic Ocean.

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