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Mt.Gox Announces The ‘Self-Approved Rehabilitation Claim’ For Exchange Users

The bankruptcy of Mt.Gox is a long-term case, but here comes some kind of certainty regarding the claim assessments. The exchange’s civil rehabilitation proceedings began on March 20, 2019, when the Tokyo District Court informed the public about the status of approval or rejection of exchange-related and non-exchange-related rehabilitation claims. Now, according to the latest report, Mt.Gox plans to return at least part of bitcoins to owners.

In an email dated April 22, 2019, which was sent to all users of Mt.Gox, the exchange noted that the “self-approved rehabilitation claim” becomes active. The official statement reads as follows:

“As a result, the approval of your self-approved rehabilitation claim has become effective, and you no longer need to file an application for claim assessment. Even if you have received a PDF form of the application from the Rehabilitation Trustee, you do not have to submit the application.”

In this letter, Mt.Gox is indicated as a debtor, and Nobuaki KOBAYASHI, Attorney-at-law, as the rehabilitation trustee.

15-03-2019 10:32:43  |   News
This clarification actually means that users who had bitcoins on the exchange will receive part of their money back, even if they don’t file any claims on behalf. The exact amount of compensation is, however, unknown, but this is good news for many investors: now they have a chance to return some of their funds.

Image courtesy of Japanese Times

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