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More Than 100 Companies Plan to Switch from Ethereum to Cardano

Anna Martynova

IOHK founder and CEO Charles HOSKINSON told Bloomberg in a recent interview that more than 100 companies are in the process of switching from Ethereum to Cardano. This will become possible when the functionality of Cardano is "fully mature". Artificial intelligence company SingularityNET discusses migrating to the Cardano blockchain.

Despite the fact that ADA recently became the third largest cryptocurrency, its native blockchain is often considered useless. For example, the co-founder of Castle Island Ventures and CoinMetric Nic CARTER noted that so far he does not know a single popular application deployed on Cardano, and he has not seen developer enthusiasm for this platform.

Without hiding his ambitions in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi), Charles Hoskinson believes that his blockchain is more efficient than the current leader Ethereum. The mathematician who created Cardano made some harsh remarks about Uniswap and CryptoKitties, calling the projects bubbles that come and go. It is known that Charles Hoskinson's plans include not only ousting Ethereum from DeFi, but also using the blockchain he created for the administrative purposes of states.

Image: Forbes

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