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More Cryptocurrency ATMs To Be Installed In Chicago

Chicago is traditionally considered to be the city familiar with finance, as well as being a cryptocurrency friendly territory. According to Chicago Business, an additional installment of 30 cryptocurrency ATMs is to take place in Chicago very soon.

22-12-2017 00:00:00  |   Investments
Chicago is already considered a “home” for a large number of bitcoin ATMs, and, thanks to Lux Vending, there will be more of them. The new Bitcoin Depot terminals will allow customers to exchange fiat dollars for bitcoins, ethereum, and other digital assets. Currently, there are several operators in the city already, including Red Leaf Chicago, which owns 60 cryptocurrency ATMs, as well as Athena Bitcoin startup, which possesses only three ATMs in Chicago.

Chicago's financial traditions helped in recognizing and adopting cryptocurrency: CBOE Global Markets and CME Group were the first to launch the futures contracts for bitcoins at the end of 2017. Crypto exchange Coinbase is also very active in Chicago, as well as a large number of crypto startups, such as ErisX and SeedCX, which develop their own trading platforms. The further spread of bitcoin ATMs in Chicago would allow attracting even more attention to the development of the crypto industry.

Image courtesy of Tech Bullion

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