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Litecoin Is Accepted Wherever VISA Payment Services Are Available

Anna Martynova

Litecoin, an open source altcoin, continues its partnership with VISA. Altcoin will now be accepted wherever VISA is available. This means that now users can use Litecoin to pay for any services or products where VISA cards are accepted. This includes retail stores, online stores, restaurants, digital services.

The official VISA debit card issued by Litecoin converts cryptocurrency to US dollars in real time. There will be no additional transaction or deposit fees when using this VISA debit card, only a flat monthly fee of $5.

However, this monthly fee will be waived if users spend more than $750 per month. Users can also connect this card to the LTC wallet app. According to CoinMarketCap, at the time of writing, LTC is trading at $273.09, up 7.58% in 24 hours.

Image: litecoin-card

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