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Japan becomes the leader in Bitcoin turnover

Almost half of the world’s Bitcoin turnover from the past 24 hours belongs to Japan. The Japanese yen has 46% of this cryptocurrency’s daily turnover. The Web portal Cointelegraph reports on this market situation and calls the lack of cryptocurrency operations fee in this state one of possible reasons.

In total, the transactions made on the Japanese market are amounted to 97,000 BTC. The United States is second in the list – here the operations within 24 hours make 55,800 bitcoins, or 25% of the world’s turnover.

China, once a leader in terms of Bitcoin operations turnover, holds the third place. It started to lose its position on this market back in February, when the country’s exchanges paused the withdrawal of bitcoin. And we should also remember that the existing legislation in China prohibits the free circulation of cryptocurrency. At the same time, Bitcoin becomes more mainstream in Japan with its use for daily buying on the rise, as more and more shops start to accept the cryptocurrency payment method.

The source, citing the report by CryptoCompare, provides some interesting data – the most popular currencies used to buy bitcoin are now the Japanese yen, the U.S. dollar, the Chinese yuan, the South Korean won, and the Euro. The sixth place is quite unexpectedly held by Polish zloty, the Russian rouble is only the 10th, giving way to British pound, and both Australian and Canadian dollar.

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