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Iota Foundation Joins Dell to Develop Real-Time Carbon Tracking System

Anna Martynova

Dell's edge solutions team announced that it has engaged Iota, climate change technology company ClimateCHECK, and Bio E to develop a solution based on Dell's own Data Confidence Fabric (DCF) initiatives and Project Alvarium. Iota has been an active contributor to the Alvarium project, which Dell first developed in 2019 to use validated data from DCF, or "trust fabric", across heterogeneous systems. Matthew YARGER, head of sustainability at the Iota Foundation, stated:

“Transparency and trust in data is paramount for addressing the global issues of climate change and transitioning to climate action.”

Matthew Yarger explained that four companies have developed an integrated digital measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) tool.

Apart from Project Alvarium, the MRV tool would enable these four firms to identify and detect data from different sensors as well as numerous manual inputs. Such data would eventually end up getting processed through the use of Dell’s PowerEdge services. This process would end up providing real-time analysis and insights related to Bio E’s sustainable facilities

Image: Crypto Economy

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