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Huobi Group Launches Phase 1 of HECO Demo Day

Anna Martynova

Decentralized, EVM-compliant, public blockchain, HECO Chain has announced the start of the first phase of the HECO Demo Day. The goal is to accelerate the development and formation of startup projects. The best participants will receive a $1 mln grant. HECO plans to host demo day events in Dubai, Singapore and other countries. The projects selected for the demo day will receive the necessary resources for their development.

The demo day was a continuation of the first gaming hackathon launched in September this year. Following the hackathon, the HECO DAO was also established to facilitate the development of HECO's on-chain blockchain management. Both initiatives aim to accelerate the development process of DeFi and GameFi start-up projects, as well as to make progress more quickly.

The event is attended by investment institutions: Cipholio Ventures, DHVC and Republic, eleven startups, including new projects such as Pledge, LoopChat, Xdao, Equilibrium and GameFi, NEO FANTASY, Platofarm, Spirit and Thunder Lands. Actively developing projects of the metaverse: SYN.CITT, CyberConnect and MetaP are also participants of the demo day. UC Berkeley, Stanford University and Facebook serve as the jury. Each project is evaluated according to the following parameters: team, innovation and structure of the business model, the effectiveness of the project data and the potential for growth in the market.

Image: Hustle With Simplejay

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