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GMO introduces new mining chip, CEO reportedly vows to top Bitmain

Quite probably, the biggest event from the world of mining today is the announcement of GMO B2 - a new mining chip with rapid speed of hashing. According to the news reporter who was present at the announcement, it easily beats the close rival of Bitmain (Antminer S9) in processing power, although the price will be higher:

As for energy consumption, it will be 81W per 1TH/s. The product looks very promising and can indeed hamper the monopoly of Bitmain most cryptocurrency observers view as unhealthy for market. Indeed, the CEO of the company has explicitly declared this as one of the company goals, as seen from the tweet above.

19-02-2018 00:00:00  |   Investments

The Japanese GMO has been seen in the news of the last year in a much less pompous news about its $300M investment in the research of mining hardware, which has been characterized as very important for the future development of the market. Turns out that we are seeing the first fruits of that financial activity.

The same company wants to introduce cryptocurrency rewards in video games, but, as Bitnewstoday noted in a separate material on the theme, not all developers and publishers would necessarily insert this system in their future games. Anyway, the initiative looks promising even in the proof-of-concept form.

Image: hitecher.com

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