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GEM Digital Uses H20N Tokens to Fund Water Delivery Infrastructure

Anna Martynova

H20 Securities is engaged in the creation and financing of projects for the delivery of fresh water to African regions. According to Julius STEYN, CEO of the company, the main purpose of the H20N is the financing of projects at the international level, and not their technical design. That is, the company is looking for individual contractors.

GEM Digital, which manages approximately $3.4 bln in assets, is investing in digital assets and resource mining devices. The company will use H20N tokens to fund infrastructure for delivering water to areas where there is no access to fresh water.

H20N tokens will be used to pay bills between network participants, including water treatment plant operators and their customers. By raising funds to fund such projects, the company claims to reduce the time it takes for suppliers to deliver water to new customers.

Image: NPR

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