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Former Goldman Sachs executive to join Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital

Richard Kim has left the London branch of Goldman Sachs several weeks ago and now the latest messages on the world of business tell that he had found a new job in Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency organization which is currently being established by investor Michael Novogratz. He did not explain his decision to the media outlets, but his previous position was connected with the market of cryptocurrencies. As a vice president of the London branch of Goldman Sachs, Kim oversaw the research of cryptocurrency trading and was also responsible for foreign exchange.

Galaxy Digital is a cryptocurrency-related merchant bank. Reports concerning this vast institution (which is now only being formed) include the plan of Michael Novogratz to combine various big Canadian organizations through the process of complex deals and acquisitions. The hiring of Richard Kim on the post of the chief operating officer is also a part of the ongoing building of this bank.

28-11-2017 09:36:00  |   News

Michael Novogratz (many outlets often call him “Mike”) has considerably changed his position since the previous year. In the year 2017, he was one of the most notable Bitcoin bulls, but the drop of Bitcoin from $20,000 to the current $6700 has very likely made him change his tone and instead simply focus his efforts on becoming an influential player on the market.

Image courtesy of CoinDesk

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