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Florida Governor Proposes Paying State Fees In Cryptocurrencies

Anna Martynova

Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis has officially proposed to the state government to allow businesses to pay state fees in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The Governor announced the idea as part of his 2022–2023 budget proposal, published on December 9.

DeSantis has offered to donate $200,000 to the Department of Financial Services to enable Florida businesses to pay state fees via cryptocurrency directly to the Department of State. The Governor has additionally proposed to allocate $500,000 to explore the potential of blockchain technology to keep track of vehicles, authenticate transactions in the program Medicaid and identify potential fraud.

Florida is not the first jurisdiction to take steps related to cryptocurrency. Rafael HERNANDEZ, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, announced that he has planned a series of consultations with representatives of the blockchain industry. The main agenda of the meetings is a discussion of the application of blockchain and smart contracts in the public sector, which will help to ensure control of operations in the public sector.

Image: Arover

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