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First kittens, then world: VR-based Decentraland sells in-game space for tokens

Decentraland is an interesting case when the blockchain, smart contracts, virtual reality, computer games and fintech merge with each other to create a concept which seems strange today - an open-world 3D game where one can build own universe as long as this person has MANA tokens. The property rights are verified through Ethereum-based smart contracts. In a way, this is yet another method of microtransactions, mechanics long familiar to gamers: when a company wants to get more money, it includes purchasable content in the product.

Another feature of this startup is virtual reality support. VR is becoming more and more popular as the price for virtual reality headsets - Oculus Rift and Vive are most popular of them - becomes cheaper.

The project has yet two stages to finish, according to the roadmap: the Iron Age (multiplayer support with avatars) and the Silicon World (full VR support and all functions’ development completely finished).

We have yet to see more computer games with in-game tokens, but competition with fiat microtransactions, as well as the decreasing reputation of this mechanics among gamers, the product audience - both these two factors will not contribute to the development of such games at all.

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