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Filecoin Foundation Wants To Take Decentralized Data Storage Into Space

Anna Martynova

The Filecoin Foundation and American aerospace company Lockheed Martin are developing a program to deploy an Interplanetary File System (IPFS) in space. As part of the partnership, it is planned to create an infrastructure to reduce costs and accelerate the exchange of information outside the earth's space.

According to the President of the Filecoin Foundation, Marta BELCHER, the modern Internet "just doesn’t work in space." Due to the need to receive data from a centralized server on Earth when sending a request, for example, from the Moon, the delay will be several seconds. With IPFS, content is retrieved from the nearest available locations, greatly reducing time and cost.

The partners intend to identify a space platform by September 2022 to host the initial IPFS payload, requirements for mutual compatibility of equipment and the possibility of a demonstration mission to use IPFS in space. A space mission to low earth orbit is being considered, since the project requires taking into account the power, mass, volume of equipment and ensuring the operation of electronics outside the earth's atmosphere.

Image: Medium

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