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Expansion: E-Trade to list CBOE BTC futures

E-Trade Financial Corporation, or E*TRADE, is going to enable Bitcoin futures lately launched by the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Bloomberg reports. The spokesman of the company has already confirmed this information.

The New York-based company dates back to 1982, when nobody heard about Bitcoin or blockchain, and further comprehension of cryptocurrency by organizations like these will increase the reputation of it, different experts tell. And such brokerage platforms have no problems with the SEC or any other financial supervision organization in the United States, unlike some crypto-focused organizations.

E-Trade will not meet any complaints from financial regulators, as the CBOE’s futures mechanism was reviewed by the CFTC from the initial development stages. The same cannot be said about The Crypto Company: its trade operations were recently frozen by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission because they suspect manipulative transactions and false information in reports and advertisements. The company could not immediately comment on the matter, reports tell.

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