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Everex ICO: fine results in a month

The Everex startup, currently developing the Ethereum-based platform, has managed to attract investments totaling to $26 million during the initial coin offering (ICO), CoinDesk reports.

The campaign lasted one month and the startup gained 1,580 BTC ($7.5 million) and 49,477 ETH (equal approximately to $18.9 million) as a result.

Before the initial coin offering this startup acquired $500,000 from Holley Group, a Chinese pharmaceutical conglomerate. After this happened, the Everex representatives told it had been the first time Holley Group invested in fintech.

Everex is already offering mobile and desktop versions of wallet with which the token exchange is possible. These tokens are denominated in fiat money. This technology will be used as a foundation for future microfinance and credit services.

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