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eToro Launches Investment Portfolio for Metaverse Companies

Anna Martynova

Brokerage company eToro has announced the launch of a smart portfolio, MetaverseLife, of stocks and cryptoassets in the metaverse industry. The portfolio includes Meta Platforms, Facebook's new parent company, video game developer Roblox, as well as virtual reality blockchain platforms Decentraland, The Sandbox and Enjin.

Other companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Nvidia are also among the portfolios that are not entirely blockchain-based but have contributed to the proliferation and adoption of the metaverse. For example, Microsoft is building the metaverse through its Teams communications platform called Mesh, and NVIDIA is launching the Omniverse based on the metaverse.

eToro has over sixty portfolios on other topics across multiple markets with an initial investment of $500 or more. MetaverseLife is one of sixty portfolios available on the brokerage platform. Sandbox, a blockchain-based metaverse platform, is also featured in a portfolio with plans for future land purchases.

Image: Haber Global

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