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Echelon Malware Attacks Crypto Wallets Via Telegram

Anna Martynova

New malware dubbed Echelon has been discovered and is joining cryptocurrency-focused groups in Telegram in an attempt to steal crypto wallets and credentials. According to the SafeGuard Cyber ​​report, the malware is spread among Telegram groups by a user with the identifier "Smokes Night", which spreads malware by leaving an infected file in chats.

To keep yourself safe, users need to turn off automatic media downloads and activate other privacy settings. Users should not download unknown third-party files received in instant messengers or social networks.

The best way to protect your crypto wallet from Echelon malware is to turn on two-factor authentication. In this case no one will be able to withdraw your assets or change login credentials, even if fraudsters get this data. When choosing a secure crypto wallet, check whether it offers such a possibility as 2FA and cold storage for both user crypto and private keys. It is also important to select a crypto wallet with strong client support – in case you suspect Echelon malware attacked your device, contact the app support. They will prevent the loose of your account immediately.

Last week, scammers hacked into the NFT Monkey Kingdom marketplace administrator's Discord account and posted a phishing link in a group chat ahead of the sale. Buyers lost over 7,000 SOL tokens worth about $1.3 mln.

Image: Finbold

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