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DOGE Helps Push Litecoin Hashrate To New All-Time High

Anna Martynova

Litecoin founder Charlie LEE tweeted that the LTC network hashrate has risen to a new all-time high. The hashrate reached a staggering 500 TH/s. Charlie Lee added that this is partly due to Dogecoin miners. This is called merged mining because transactions for both coins are verified simultaneously and miners are rewarded from both chains.

When a DOGE fan suggested to Charlie Lee that he change his Twitter background image to a Dogecoin image, the LTC founder replied that he would consider doing so once the image was ready. Additionally, he explained that DOGE has surpassed LTC in terms of market capitalization, stating that "the meme game is strong."

At the time of writing, Litecoin is ranked 22nd on CoinMarketCap and is trading at $105.01 per coin. The price of the coin rose from $99 amid news about the hashrate.

Image: Medium

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