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Daniel Larimer Unveils EOS Upgrade Plan

Anna Martynova

Daniel LARIMER, former CTO of Block.one, has announced a new roadmap that will be used to update the EOS blockchain. The new update is called Mandel (Mandelbrot) and is a temporary codename for EOS 3.0. This will be the largest EOS blockchain update in several years since the latest version of EOSIO was released.

According to Daniel Larimer, the code will be released at the end of January 2022, followed by further testing in February. The new update is expected to go live on EOS on May 19, 2022. One of the important points is unlocking the size of smart contracts, which previously had a maximum limit of actions. With the update, this limit is removed and is configured by the developers themselves.

Payment contracts are extended versions of current contracts and allow you to manage resources autonomously, without the involvement of the one who will provide the transaction signature. The same system can be used as a means of payment, since no account is required to send tokens, the transaction will be signed by the same contract. In addition, it will enable privacy tokens to be integrated, paving the way for ZEOS, a token with ZK-SNARK technology. ZEOS will appear in a little less than a week.

Image: Omenics

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