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Crypto news indeed: 1200 Australian newsstands to sell Ethereum and Bitcoin

Ethereum can be bought at some Australian newsstands, as noted by the website responsible for this innovational endeavor, Bitcoin.com.au. It was added along with Bitcoin in order not to get the regular consumers confused with the big price of Bitcoin and provide a cheaper alternative, as noted by the company’s chief executive.

Rupert Hackett also adds that previously, most people familiar with Ethereum already knew about Bitcoin or invested in it, but this situation changes the trend - at least for the coin market of Australia.

The media, however, notes the obvious disadvantage of these new sales points: fees are much bigger than on cryptocurrency exchanges. The fee of 5% would look too big for those who know about the charges on the Web trading platforms.

This problem becomes even more relevant if one remembers the recent decrease of charges on Binance and Bitfinex - to 0.0005 and 0.0006 BTC, respectively. This happened after both exchanges implemented SegWit - a set of measures aimed directly at transactions’ price reduction. Coinbase has also introduced this protocol update during the previous month.

Image courtesy of Andy, Flickr

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