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Community suspects GDAX management of inside trading

According to various media focused on cryptocurrency and related events, the GDAX exchange, which belongs to Coinbase, has stopped the trades of Bitcoin’s cousin, Bitcoin Cash, some time after launch. The community believes that such manipulations could help the owners of the exchange to get rich, and demands investigation of this incident.

Meanwhile, the famous cryptocurrency investor Roger Ver, who repeatedly endorsed Bitcoin Cash, openly says “I think insider trading is a non-crime” in response to the question about possible crypto exchanges’ regulations tightening by governments. The interview has been broadcasted on CNBC. As if that was not enough, he told that one should not rely on the government which will protect from all misfortunes and investors should choose who to work with themselves - be it a cryptocurrency exchange or coffee shop.

Roger Ver’s recent statements on Bitcoin Cash being a real Bitcoin has caused a wave of criticism from those who support Bitcoin that was invented by anonymous under the nickname of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoin Cash, if one looks at pure facts, appeared in 2017 due to the update that led to the division of Bitcoin into two independent parts. This means Bitcoin Cash is 8 years younger than Bitcoin. Now with the aforementioned notion about inside trading taken into consideration one can certainly be sure that the reputation of this investor among at least some cryptocurrency traders is going to shatter even more.

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