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Coincheck sends security report to FSA, gets sued by 10 users

As mentioned in one of the older Bitnewstoday’s reports on the theme, Coincheck, a cryptocurrency exchange from Japan which was hacked by some unknown criminal group, will now have to tell the Japanese authorities how exactly they are going to improve defense after this disaster. The paper regarding security improvements has been composed and sent to the Japanese Financial Service Agency (FSA). Unfortunately, not even the biggest news portals possess the copy of the paper.

Meanwhile, ten cryptocurrency traders who wanted to withdraw funds after the news about hack and didn’t succeed because of the withdrawal lock set by the exchange want to sue the organization. The plaintiffs believe this decision of Coincheck was voluntaristic and demand to be allowed to get their funds outside the compromised entity.

As a matter of fact, the yen withdrawal option has been resumed yesterday, just as the exchange already promised on Friday last week, but the date of cryptocurrency withdrawals is still not specified. This concerns many traders, and some of them - deeply enough to spend time with lawyers and courts.

The hack of Coincheck is one of the biggest hacks in history of cryptocurrency exchanges - as the press notes, over $500 million was stolen.

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