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Coinbase to support ERC20 Ethereum standard in the near future

Coinbase, a major American digital currency exchange, will support ERC20 soon. This Ethereum smart contracts standard, as some sources say, provides new opportunities for tokens listing on GDAX, another digital currency platform connected with Coinbase.

No new assets have yet been specifically announced by Coinbase in the official written statement regarding this new addition.

The price of Ethereum has not jumped up amidst this news, quite possibly, the general bearish sentiment witnessed in the last 24 hours on the whole market has been stronger.

ERC20 (Ethereum Request for Comment) is a set of development rules that allows to create new tokens. EOS is one of the most successful ERC20-based tokens to date.

24-10-2017 21:00:00  |   News

Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, is skeptical about ERC20 token projects. He mentioned them in his prediction about 90% of token startups which are doomed to fail. This new move made by Coinbase might delay this fall, as ERC20 token project founders will have a platform they previously did not have.

In other recent news about Coinbase, the bug in the internal structure could have lead to a massive crime connected with Ethereum. Apparently, no one found out about this unlimited Ethereum breach before cybersecurity experts.

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