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Coinbase to support Bitcoin forks assets withdrawal soon

Coinbase has voiced its intentions to support Bitcoin variations, often called forks. And not only the exchange platform will do so, the message of the owner organization on Twitter tells about other products (for example, GDAX) also joining this endeavor.

This means that the withdrawal of new hard fork assets will be an available option on the exchange. The company has noted that it did not promise to add any specific assets, implying that decisions on each new variation of Bitcoin will be made separately.

While the new assets will be available to withdraw, they won’t be traded on the exchange. This is a major policy restriction which benefits Coinbase more than its users, but it’s understandable that the organization does not want to trade new assets the reputation of which can be questionable. The measure will increase the popularity of the exchange anyway.

Coinbase has also recently launched a new startup platform called Coinbase Ventures. They promise to finance innovators with bright ideas. This corresponds with what was said on one of the Moscow cryptocurrency-related forums - the merge of venture and crypto markets is on the way.

Image courtesy of TechCrunch

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