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Coinbase to cooperate with Barclays

Like most businesses trying to secure position on the market, Coinbase is searching for partnership with other companies. The latest result of the work of its external communications department is partnership with Barclays - a big and well-known bank and investment organization established 113 years before Bitcoin was invented.

Barclays chief investors have previously demonstrated interest in cryptocurrency and fintech last year in speeches at the Money 20/20 conference in Copenhagen.

First people who would benefit from this news are, it seems, Barclays customers who also engage with Coinbase. As noted by the chief executive of the latter company, transactions will now be faster.

The United Kingdom market may become more accessible for the American-based Coinbase due to the recent acquisition of e-money licence, although e-money does not equal cryptocurrency.

In other latest news about this exchange, it had to disable a special signature mechanism due to the increased amount of Bitcoin forks (blockchain variations) which somehow hampered the work of multisig vaults.

Image courtesy of The Guardian

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