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Coinbase Bitcoin Cash launch to be reviewed in court

The addition of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into the listings of Coinbase, the vast digital currency exchange, was not without some leaks prior to the official announcement. This put the exchange in a position more beneficial than those traders who didn’t know anything about this new feature before the actual launch, argues investor Jeffrey Berk, and wants to review the details of the work of the management of Coinbase during that time in December 2017 and compensate losses for him and other customers.

Coinbase has responded to this in a blog post where it implied that nothing ever leaves the walls of the company regarding serious changes like the one discussed, but also stated that the price dynamics of Bitcoin Cash before the launch is indeed suspicious and the managers will conduct their own investigation.

The company seriously needs to plug some information leaks, as one of the probable insiders described by Bitnewstoday and other outlets was actually true about the BCH launch. However, he wasn’t right about the addition of Ripple, which is the reason why one should receive anonymous “insider messages” with skepticism.

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