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Coinbase: banks are responsible for the overcharge mess

The cryptocurrency exchange called Coinbase, one of the most widely used in America, is now telling that those of its users who suffered from the big fees for digital currency acquisition have to contact the banks they used to get cryptocoins during that payment incident.

Coinbase and VISA recently had a clash on whose fault it was in the unfortunate event when some exchange users had to pay enormous fees just for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies available on this platform. The clash between the organizations has apparently ended on a peaceful note, but the third payment process participant - banks - are now under suspicion of being behind this catastrophe.

Namely, Scotiabank is one of the organizations Coinbase is now investigating for possible payment mistakes, as clients of this bank are among the victims which are becoming even more infuriated with every new day without any progress on this issue.

Other “VISA issuing banks” are also being contacted by the management of Coinbase. At the press time, the problem is still seemingly far from being solved.

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