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Coinbase back online but halts ETH and LTC transactions, while its team joined by former PayPal president

According to multiple media sources, Coinbase is back to normal after brief technical difficulties it experienced yesterday. However, the volume of trades in Ethereum and Litecoin are supposedly the reason why it does not allow to sell these two digital currencies. Meanwhile, users speculate that this decision is directly connected with the high prices and the exchange deliberately halted trades to benefit itself.

Amidst this atmosphere one cannot call fully healthy there is another news about this influential exchange: it has managed to persuade David Marcus who previously worked in PayPal and Facebook to join them. Mr. Marcus tells on Twitter he is thrilled to do what he can to create an open financial system for the world. He worked on Facebook Messenger and headed Zong which later was acquired by PayPal. In PayPal, he became a Vice President and then took the seat of the leader.

David Marcus also tells he’s been following the news on cryptocurrency since 2012 and knows how Coinbase democratized access for crypto world for common users. However, if the rumors about supposed site manipulation described above ever prove to be true, Coinbase might not be so democratic after all.

Meanwhile, Bitfinex, fortunately, restored itself after a big DDoS attack. The collapse predicted by the NYT reporters is not happening just yet.

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