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Christie's First NFT Auction Will End With An Offer of $9.75 Mln

Anna Martynova

The first ever sale of non-fungible tokens presented by the auction house Christie's is coming to the end on March 11 with a whopping stake on digital art. The digital artwork has been created by crypto artist Beeple, also known as Mike WINKELMANN, for 13 years, hence the title of the artwork is ”Every Day: The First 5000 Days”. In addition, for the first time, Christie's will receive a payment in Ethereum, which at the current proposed price will be 5,500 ETH.

The unique work is a collage of images that Beeple has been creating every day since mid-2007. The work was valued at $9.75 mln one day before Christie's first NFT auction. In this stunning artwork, Beeple has combined repetitive themes and color schemes into an aesthetic whole. The individual works are arranged in an indefinite chronological order, and when you zoom in, you can see each work in turn.

The auction house Christie's reported that in the first week after the digital artwork was put up for auction for $100 on February 25, it generated huge interest. Postwar and contemporary art specialist Noah DAVIS said:

“Christie’s has never offered a new media artwork of this scale or importance before. Acquiring Beeple’s work is a unique opportunity to own an entry in the blockchain itself created by one of the world’s leading digital artists.”

Image: CryptoSlate

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