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Chris Concannon to SEC: more crypto related options could be implemented on CBOE

Current head of CBOE Chris Concannon has written a letter to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission where he hints at the theoretical possibility of implementing Bitcoin-related ETFs and ETPs in the future.

The leader of the Chicago Board Options Exchange is also open to the concept of altcoin futures, as already described in Bitnewstoday’s previous reports.

Meanwhile, the Commission has made another statement on the market of cryptocurrency where it compares it to the Wild West and advises business enterprises to follow the example of similar organizations from the traditional market. It will improve the regulators’ trust from the start, the SEC implies. It also notes that not all rules from the fiat market could be applied to the crypto with the same efficiency but still thinks that delineated regulatory framework would improve the current situation.

CBOE is notable for building a major bridge between the fiat market and the crypto sphere - Bitcoin futures. Another company which has also implemented BTC futures is CME Group or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, but its leadership is more reluctant to the idea of altcoin futures and has not been seen working towards Bitcoin ETFs or ETPs recognition.

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