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Charles Hoskinson Confirmed That The Crypto Market Is Now In A Bearish Trend

Anna Martynova

Cardano founder Charles HOSKINSON confirmed that the market is now in a bearish trend. Therefore, the price of ADA is expected to fall along with the rest of the crypto market. This will happen regardless of what the network does and what developments are carried out, Hoskinson explained.

On Twitter, Hoskinson wrote that Cardano has retained the title of the network with the most development, and as a result, there is growth in various aspects. The founder noted the fact that the network is getting faster, more decentralized, remains the most advanced technology, and best of all, the community continues to grow.

Even though the price of the digital asset has declined, this has not acted as a deterrent to those who believe in the network, especially the whales. Cardano whales have always controlled a significant part of the circulating supply. Cardano whales currently hold 30.8 mln ADA worth over $20.8 mln. At the time of writing, ADA is trading at $0.5.

Image: Cardano

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