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Chainlink Introduced A New Feature for Ethereum

Anna Martynova

Chainlink announced the launch of the verifiable random function (VRF), which generates trusted random numbers in decentralized applications. Now the function is available on the Ethereum blockchain for testing by users of the testnet.

This feature provides an important advantage for decentralized services — game developers will not be able to manipulate the results of certain actions. The result with cryptographic confirmation will be published on the blockchain, where anyone can check it using a public key. The fake value will not pass the verification with the key and as a result gets a monetary penalty.

The PoolTogether game on the Ethereum blockchain will be the first service to experience Chainlink's feature VRF. It is worth noting that recently Chainlink has proved to be one of the most active startups - a significant number of partnerships and integrations prove this. According to recent forecasts, the cryptocurrency Link may reach the level of $ 25 in the near future.

Image courtesy of Bitrates

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