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CEX adds Dash

CEX.io, the UK-based cryptocurrency exchange, now allows trading with Dash. The following trading pairs have been added: DASH-BTC, DASH-EUR, DASH-GBP and DASH-USD. The official statement posted on the CEX website tells that Dash will not be the last and soon, even more cryptocurrencies will be added.

According to the statements cited on Forklog, this cryptocurrency attracted the exchange CEO Alex Lutskevich with its PrivateSend and InstantSend features, as well as its decentralized governance and budget system. The executive director of Dash Core, Ryan Tailor, said they were pleased with CEX.io’s decision because this exchange is experienced in cryptocurrency trading, their platform is stable and furthermore, and the exchange is designed with attention to legislation.

Dash support is enabled amidst the coming of The Dash Conference in London. The conference will include Ryan Taylor and various blockchain experts with cryptocurrency investors.

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