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CBOE open to idea of altcoin futures while CME fears reputational costs

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s leader Terry Duffy recently expressed the corporate view on altcoin futures, or futures for cryptocurrencies which are not Bitcoin, and on the possibility of enabling them on this vast exchange.

As Terry Duffy explains, the company does not have any plans to implement futures on other cryptocurrencies and will stick with Bitcoin. He thinks that irresponsible steps with cryptocurrencies and involvement with them can harm the reputation and his colleagues need to know more about the market before they do something like this.

His counterpart at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chris Concannon, thinks contrariwise about this futures expansion concept: cryptocurrency derivatives are not excluded, but his organization needs to update its systems first, which will happen on February 25.

While both CME and CBOE theoreticize, Bloomberg Terminals already work with various cryptocurrencies, but they only track their price - which is absolutely safe for reputation even if the listed assets hit $0 tomorrow.

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