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Cardano Developers Postpone Launch of Vasil Hard Fork

Anna Martynova

The Input Output Global (IOG) development team held a conference to evaluate the work on the Vasil update. Seven bugs were identified, but none of them are considered serious. As a result, the team has made the decision to postpone the rollout of the update until the end of July and allow more time for testing.

Currently, 35 developers from 27 projects are testing their decentralized applications (dApps) on the Cardano network and helping to identify issues, along with 16 staking pool operators (SPOs). In addition, Cardano works closely with leading providers of APIs and other tools, including Blockfrost, Emurgo, the Cardano multi-platform library dcSpark, Mlabs, and Dquadrant.

At the current stage, Plutus code compatibility and functionality are checked. This work will continue on the testnet for a few more weeks. The final decision on the date of the hard fork on the Cardano testnet will be made after consultations with the SPO and DApps developers.

Image: CoinChapter

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