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BTC-e regains control over 55% of funds

An update on BTC-e current status has been posted on the Bitcointalk forum. Here we should remind that recently this exchange went offline, which might be connected to Alexander Vinnik’s arrest in Greece upon the request from the U.S. authorities. However, the BTC-e representatives always categorically rejected any possible connection to Mr. Vinnik.

The representative of the exchange announced on the forum that as of today, BTC-e has managed to regain 55% of funds. The remaining 45%, mostly in fiat money, are still under arrest. The exchange personnel intend to work towards the lift of arrest from all accounts.

BTC-e stops working under current brand, this is directly connected to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s investigation into the company’s business activities. The company is now negotiating with various investors on buying and re-launching the service to return all funds to users who lost them. The process of funds return will include the use of BTE – the exchange’s own tokens. After the final calculations, the users of BTC-e will be able to withdraw 55% of their funds.

The service will be launched around August and one will have to verify identity to return funds.

BTC-e also warned about fake links appearing on the Internet mimicking the “new exchange domain”. There’s no such domain, all confirmed information on current status of the exchange is posted on the company’s official Twitter account.

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