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BTC-e promises to return investor funds

Vsevolod Gnetii

The latest information regarding the BTC-e collapse was posted on the bitcointalk.org forum by the representative of this exchange.

The post tells that on 25 July 2017 the hardware equipment of the exchange, namely, the database and wallet servers, was confiscated by the FBI agents. On July 28, the domain of the exchange was also confiscated. The precise data on which funds were arrested and which are still available for return will be published one or two weeks later.

BTC-e assures the readers that it is in no way intending to undermine the users’ trust and will return all the funds it had. Subsequently, the exchange representative promises, the information on possible methods of restoring the service to working condition and funds return will be published. If the exchange is not relaunched by the end of August, the investor funds will be returned starting from 1 September 2017.

Apart from that, BTC-e categorically denied any involvement with Alexander Vinnik, who was recently arrested in Greece.

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