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Brazil's Only Exchange Plans To Enter The Crypto Market In 2022

Anna Martynova

Brazil's stock exchange, B3, plans to enter the cryptocurrency market in 2022, InfoMoney reports, citing a December 10 presentation by B3 President Gilson FINKELSZTAIN. B3 is exploring the possibilities of tokenization and custody of digital assets, plans to launch a crypto ETF and provide cryptocurrency services using Crypto-as-a-Service (CaaS) technology.

B3 President stressed that B3 will not become a crypto exchange, but will enter the market and provide services to crypto traders. Brazil was one of the first countries where crypto ETFs were approved and launched. Bitcoin ETF was launched for the first time in summer, and trading of the first “green” Bitcoin ETF began in August.

It also became known that B3 could become an oracle for the state cryptocurrency system. Mardilson QUEIROZ, an employee of the CBC’s department of financial system regulation, spoke about the regulator's plans to issue the state digital currency.

Image: The Crypto Times

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