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BONE Will Be Used As A Gas Token On The Shibarium Blockchain

Anna Martynova

The #ShibAMA Twitter space, hosted by David GOKHSHTEIN, was attended by over 11,000 Shib supporters. All future SHIB developments were discussed. Queenie, the moderator of Shiba Inu's official Discord, answered all the questions she was asked.

When asked about the Shibarium Layer-2 solution, Queenie confirmed that BONE will be used as the native gas token in the upcoming Shibarium blockchain. She confirmed that users will not lose their SHIB coins and BONE will only be used as a gas token.

According to Queenie, Shibarium will be released as soon as possible. She also hinted at a big surprise for the SHIB community in 2022. However, she disclosed no details about what the surprise would be. BONE is currently acting as the ShibaSwap blockchain governance token. The BONE supply is limited and will be minted until 2024. A mechanism will be created to maintain the balance of the minting speed.

Image: Crypto Insiders

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