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Blockchain legalized in Delaware

The governor of Delaware John C. Carney Jr. signed the bill that gives green light to the use of blockchain technology in business and securities spheres, according to Coindesk. This is a landmark decision for the state in which the biggest amount of enterprises in America is concentrated.

The initiative to implement blockchain in certain spheres of activity of companies and enterprises in the state was proposed back in 2016 by the current governor’s predecessor, Jack Markell. The bill, amending the Delaware General Corporation Law, was introduced to public in March 2017 and was officially published in May. It was signed by the governor after the final vote in the state’s legislature.

Given the potential ability of these new amendments to influence the economy, the supporters call them “historic”. In relating the details of the new law’s work, the analysts note the possibility to move securities operations to the distributed ledger, and from that point forward, perform conventional operations with securities there.

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