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Blockchain hires experienced Peter Wilson, tells its exchange will be stable than rivals

Coinbase has experienced issues with accessibility last year, and so did Bittrex. Perfectly aware of this fact, Blockchain, a United Kingdom-based company, tells that nothing even remotely similar would happen on their new cryptocurrency marketplace.

To ensure the good start, they hired Peter Wilson who previously worked in Google and Facebook as lead software engineer. Blockchain as a technology is very perspective, tells the new member of the eponymous company, although like digital currencies, it’s currently overestimated, but this does not mean it worth nothing.

The trading platform of Blockchain has been launched this January and now Blockchain wants to maintain momentum, which is the main reason why they are inviting new members on key posts. In order not to have unexpected clashes with regulators, they also recently welcomed lawyer Marco Santori into their ranks.

If Peter Wilson who worked in two very prestigious digital international corporations agreed to cooperate with this company, then there is a chance that Blockchain will succeed with its new exchange. Every new major cryptocurrency exchange increases competitiveness, which in the end is beneficial for every market participants.

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