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Blockchain Algorand Has Released A Major Technical Update

05 March 2022 13:00, UTC
Anna Martynova

Blockchain Algorand has released a major technical update designed to support cross-chain communication and allow developers to easily create complex decentralized applications based on their network. The update introduces a smart contract that allows applications to interact efficiently and securely with other products based on smart contracts.

"Calling" refers to a smart contract function that returns a hash of a transaction to be added to the blockchain. Such functions can be performed by anyone, at any time and for any reason. Previously, smart contracts on Algorand could only be invoked by the developer manually saving the data in the local state of each contract, which was a tedious and complicated process.

A key feature of the update is the introduction of Falcon Keys. These keys will be used in the near future to create State Proofs, a new blockchain infrastructure that allows access to Algorand in low power environments such as mobile phones and smartwatches, as well as other blockchains.

Image: Zipmex