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Bittrex sign-up not working

According to the official Twitter of the cryptocurrency exchange called Bittrex, the registration of new users is paused for a database upgrade. If one tries to register a new account, one only gets Error 404 which tells something went wrong. Other users note on Twitter they either can’t log in their account or verify them, still waiting for a verification ticket. And the unluckiest users have disabled accounts, frozen, as they note, without any plausible reason.

The management of this exchange does not respond to these complaints, and the main problem with this verification freeze is that non-verified users are not authorized to withdraw their own funds, which for many seems like a very voluntaristic idea. Reports tell this is not the first time Bittrex got involved in the problems regarding its users. For example, earlier this year, it blocked the account of a millionaire who stored his savings there. Not even the Enhanced Verified status saved his money.

The whole situation might influence at this exchange’s reputation among careful cryptocurrency investors.

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